VAT Payroll and Bookkeeping


We offer a wide range of VAT related services. We can deal with your VAT registration, assist with any technical queries and provide detailed advice on specific VAT matters. We offer a VAT bureau service preparing clients’ VAT returns, together with electronic VAT return submission, which takes the stress out of dealing with your VAT affairs.


We operate a dedicated payroll bureau, dealing with the day to day payroll affairs of a large number of clients, including the issuing of employee payslips and reconciliation of periodic PAYE and National Insurance payments, together with the electronic submission of all required forms and annual returns to HM Revenue & Customs, including monthly Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) contractor’s returns. In addition to our payroll preparation services, we are also able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of payroll compliance.


We carry out a wide range of bookkeeping services for our clients, either at their premises or in-house. We tailor our bookkeeping services to suit the needs of our clients and make recommendations on a regular basis to ensure that clients are maximising income and minimising expenditure.